I'm on a journey to find health and happiness through a more holistic and green lifestyle.

I find the world to be abrasive. =) That is to say, I feel the need to armor myself, physically and emotionally, in order to face life. Don't we all? Maybe. For whatever reason, it has become a priority in my life to rid my immediate environment of irritating things. And I'm sensitive! So there is much work to be done. But. I have thought for a long time that the things I come in contact with every day, and the stuff used to clean and maintain these things, need to be gentle and non-toxic. I have had eczema my entire life. For a long time I just dealt with it, and accepted that sometimes it's bad, and sometimes it's not, and that it will fluctuate a lot. Gradually over time I have come to find that certain things, fabrics, cleansers, materials, are more irritating to my skin than others. Stress can exacerbate it. In more recent times, I have realized that every aspect of my life improves when I improve conditions for my skin. Hah! What a concept! Thus my (long time) interest in going green, and my more recent desire to live a more holistic lifestyle. (I think I've felt a desire for a long time to live in a harmonious way with myself, my surroundings, and nature, but didn't have a name for it.) Anyhow, this blog is a journal of my trials and errors, and basic crooked path to find a balanced and peaceful existence for myself and my family. Thanks for your interest! I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

NRT - Interesting Pricing Info.

The first person to tell me about muscle testing informed me that she had paid $45.00 for her initial visit. I paid $125.00 (for me, and again for DS.) I emailed the practitioner I had seen to ask her about this. This resulted in our receiving our next appointment free of charge. 

Today I received a letter from the Center in the mail. It was basically a welcome letter, but mainly encouraged me to talk others into going to their practice which is quite busy, so I'd better encourage them asap. (yeah, right) Anyhow, I was sent two cards with which to refer my friends. If said friends make their appointment within one week of the date on the card, they receive a 65% discount on their first visit. This means they pay FORTY-FIVE dollars. The letter also suggested that every person is referred by another person. It was true that the staff asked me again and again how I found them. So because I found the place on my own, I paid a great deal more than if someone had told me about it. Does that seem right?? I mean, I can see benefiting the person who did the referring.... Anyhow, just thought I'd share! 

If anyone locally decides to look into this, FIND someone who goes there already! It's worth the search. And the referring person gets a coupon for one free office visit, which is worth $35.00. 

I'm not sure where their priorities are, but at the moment it seems to be financial............


  1. yeah that 45 covered that whole appointment I haven't seen her again since that one time, last Oct. Now Onaleigh has been struggling w/ constipation so I am planning to make a 2nd appointment.

  2. This group encourages long-term treatment, beginning with weekly visits... Very different, eh?