I'm on a journey to find health and happiness through a more holistic and green lifestyle.

I find the world to be abrasive. =) That is to say, I feel the need to armor myself, physically and emotionally, in order to face life. Don't we all? Maybe. For whatever reason, it has become a priority in my life to rid my immediate environment of irritating things. And I'm sensitive! So there is much work to be done. But. I have thought for a long time that the things I come in contact with every day, and the stuff used to clean and maintain these things, need to be gentle and non-toxic. I have had eczema my entire life. For a long time I just dealt with it, and accepted that sometimes it's bad, and sometimes it's not, and that it will fluctuate a lot. Gradually over time I have come to find that certain things, fabrics, cleansers, materials, are more irritating to my skin than others. Stress can exacerbate it. In more recent times, I have realized that every aspect of my life improves when I improve conditions for my skin. Hah! What a concept! Thus my (long time) interest in going green, and my more recent desire to live a more holistic lifestyle. (I think I've felt a desire for a long time to live in a harmonious way with myself, my surroundings, and nature, but didn't have a name for it.) Anyhow, this blog is a journal of my trials and errors, and basic crooked path to find a balanced and peaceful existence for myself and my family. Thanks for your interest! I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

All Natural Reusable Feminine Hygiene Products

I wasn't sure I wanted to post about this, but I feel that it goes along with my journey in general, and others may want to know about this stuff. I will share my experiences in this area without sharing too much! ;)

Cloth Menstrual Pads:

About half a year ago I switched completely from using disposable feminine hygiene products to using cloth menstrual pads. I can't imagine going back. The reasons are many. They are more comfortable (nothing on them to stick to your clothes....or you,) they snap on so they don't shift around, much less expensive over time (usu. about $4/pad, but that varies, plus I am able to make my own, which reduced the cost even more,) more interesting to look at as you can use or buy whatever fabric prints you want, etcetc. They are as easy to care for as your regular laundry, and are discreet between washes as you just fold them up on themselves and snap them closed. Easy.

For those interested, check Etsy out. Lots of folks make them for very reasonable prices. (http://www.etsy.com) Check out also Glad Rags. I'm sure there are loads of other places. Do a search online. I've never seen them anywhere but online, but those on the other coast may have....

Sea Sponge Tampons

I haven't had any interest in trying any of the internal feminine hygiene products as they just seem weird. People swear by them (testimonials I have read online, I don't know anyone personally who has shared that kind of information with me) including the Diva Cup (popular with folks on the Holistic Moms Network) and sea sponge tampons. I believe there are other options as well, but I just don't know. So a few days ago when my daughter started pestering me to go swimming, I simply said that I couldn't at the moment. Does a 5-year-old give up that easily? Anyone who has one or has had one knows the answer is NO! Anyhow the long and the short of it is that I went to our local natural food store and inquired, and was given Sea Pearls Sea Sponge tampons. Here is some info about them. This was taken from the brochure enclosed with the tampons:

I don't know if this is readable, but I'm happy to share any information I have.

Although I don't really feel like drawing out the details of my experience with these tampons to share with all the world, I will say that I today I had a very positive experience with them. They're easy to use, easy to care for, and all natural, biodegradable, reusable, and come from a renewable source. I will answer any questions anyone has about my experience, and I will share another blog post I found on these tampons which helped ease my mind before using them myself: LINK This person is not as shy as I!


  1. K, I'll go out on a limb and share that I use the diva cup, Dais. I use it along with mama made pads, and I really find it much more comfortable than disposable. :)

    There is a learning curve that is a bit frustrating at first, but after that, it's great!

  2. Is it just one thing that you use over and over again? Do you ever have to replace it? I might just read about them and blog about them to share info. with anyone interested.

    The sea sponges, by the way, must be replaced every 6- 12 months. I paid $15.00 for two.

  3. Yep---you just use the same one over and over. Rinse with warm water between uses, and wash with soap and warm water when you are finished with it each month.

    I would assume if it got damaged, you would have to replace it. I have been using mine for over a year now, though. :)

  4. When I get my cycles back I plan to look into this!