I'm on a journey to find health and happiness through a more holistic and green lifestyle.

I find the world to be abrasive. =) That is to say, I feel the need to armor myself, physically and emotionally, in order to face life. Don't we all? Maybe. For whatever reason, it has become a priority in my life to rid my immediate environment of irritating things. And I'm sensitive! So there is much work to be done. But. I have thought for a long time that the things I come in contact with every day, and the stuff used to clean and maintain these things, need to be gentle and non-toxic. I have had eczema my entire life. For a long time I just dealt with it, and accepted that sometimes it's bad, and sometimes it's not, and that it will fluctuate a lot. Gradually over time I have come to find that certain things, fabrics, cleansers, materials, are more irritating to my skin than others. Stress can exacerbate it. In more recent times, I have realized that every aspect of my life improves when I improve conditions for my skin. Hah! What a concept! Thus my (long time) interest in going green, and my more recent desire to live a more holistic lifestyle. (I think I've felt a desire for a long time to live in a harmonious way with myself, my surroundings, and nature, but didn't have a name for it.) Anyhow, this blog is a journal of my trials and errors, and basic crooked path to find a balanced and peaceful existence for myself and my family. Thanks for your interest! I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holistic Moms Network comes to my town!!

This totally feels like fate stepping in here. I've been really interested lately in what it means to be holistic, and I'm trying to make some positive changes in my life to reflect this lifestyle. A friend pointed me in the direction of the Holistic Moms Network. It's an online community, but there are many chapters throughout the country as well. When I first looked at the website, I discovered there were no chapters anywhere near here. Something made me go check again tonight, and lo and behold, a brand new chapter is forming IN MY TOWN right now! The timing is incredible, and I'm really excited. My friend is very enthusiastic about the group, and I am hoping to feel that way about this local group. I am planning to attend the open house in January, and will report back then. In the mean time, I feel inspired. At a time when I'm feeling tired and grumpy and blah a lot of the time, I feel as if this has kind of landed at my feet. That makes me feel good. =)


  1. Daisy, are you making changes to holistic living for health reasons, or other reasons? I'm sorry if I'm being nosy. :)

  2. No crisis, just a desire to feel better. I've been feeling chronically fatigued and down, and it results in my being cranky toward my kids and hubby, and generally unhappy. A lot of this is simply losing sleep due to my son's new habit of waking up at weird hours....but it's everything. Since I've starting making changes, and they are small changes, I am feeling better already. It's all a balance, I believe, and it makes a difference. I also get Seasonal Affective Disorder every winter, and I know the way to keep that at bay is to get outside and walk. So ...

  3. For some reason I was signed in under my hubby's account. ???